These tips for both men and women can help make your sex life better and more enjoyable.

Exercise before having sex

WorkoutIt increases the blood flow in the whole body and, of course, in your genital area, boosting your sexual performance. Exercising prevents erectile dysfunction in men, considerably enhancing levels of testosterone, and helps women reach orgasms. In addition to that, it was proved by many studies that physical activity gives you a plenty of positive emotions and fights depression, so "I'm not in the mood right now" definitely won't be the reason why you're not having sex tonight. Actually, not only physical exercises can get you in the mood for sex - any activity that makes your heart pump with excitement would do. It could be watching a thrilling action movie or a hilarious comedy, playing games or riding a rollercoaster in an amusement park - anything that makes your cardiovascular system work.

Use lubricants

For some women getting to the right point during the foreplay can be a problem because of vaginal dryness, but really, there is never too much of lube for any of us. Fortunately, there's a simple solution. According to one study, half of couples who had sex with lubricants said that they reached orgasms easier. On top of that, lubricants make the act last so much longer. One more tip about sex: you can use coconut oil. Not only is it a great lube, but it is also antibacterial and antifungal, so in that case you are really mixing business with pleasure.

Have sex with someone you love

It's a well-known wisdom that we all have known long before but in our days it has been confirmed scientifically. A research made by American Sociological Association says the best sex experience that human beings can have is with the partners they truly love. It releases more pleasure hormones like oxytocin and, thus, makes the physical act more enjoyable, too.

Use condoms

CondomIt is not a secret that it is the best protection against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, men have always argued that it takes some of the pleasure away. It might have been true decades ago, but now it is quite the opposite - there are condoms that, in fact, can give you more pleasure because of their special novelties.

Try to be comfortable even if you have to wear socks

Yes, socks have been a subject for numerous sex jokes, and many people don't think it is sexy to have them on during sex, because it is not how it is supposed to be. But there is one rule about sex: there aren't really any rules. And socks can make your legs very comfortable and warm, so if you have cold feet, there is no better and simpler solution. There is a study that says that more than half women, who didn't feel good during sex "thanks" to their cold feet, happily reached the climax with socks on.

Eat the right food

We are talking about aphrodisiacs - foods and drinks that boost your libido, improve fertility and prevent sexual impotence. Their role in sexual performance has been known for ages, and the word 'aphrodisiac' itself was invented by the ancient Greeks. There are a lot of aphrodisiacs but we are going to list the most effective. First of all, avocadoes that are very beneficial, especially for men's fertility due to high levels of healthy, unsaturated fats in them. Then, nuts - especially almonds and especially with honey - that are very rich in vitamins and minerals. Strawberries, also rich in vitamins, like avocadoes, increase the quality of men's sperm. Seafood is rich in zinc, the mineral that boosts sexuality better than others. Figs, a great source of fiber, are also a very valuable aphrodisiac. At last, we recommend citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C.

Do not drink alcohol

Say no to alcoholOne drink is okay if it can make you feel relaxed and set you into the right mood, but not more than that. Alcohol worsens all the functions of your body, to say nothing about sexual performance. It slows down the nerves and makes it difficult for the whole system to operate properly. Drunken men can't keep the erection, and drunk women can't get enough of vaginal lubrication to enjoy sex properly. Large amounts of alcohol can, in fact, reduce sexual drive at all, and drinking often and on a regular basis can lead to serious sexual problems, like impotence.

Have sex in the right time

This is a tip for women. A recent study has shown that there is the best time for them to enjoy sex - from day 6 to day 10 in their menstrual cycle. During this time women have orgasms more often and get more pleasure from the process. The time of the day is not as important.

Eat in the right time

It means you shouldn't eat right before your sexual intercourse. The perfect timing is to have a meal at least two or three hours before it, because after the meal most of the blood is concentrated in the stomach and intestines area, so it is more difficult for the blood to flow into genitalia area and, accordingly, to get sexually aroused.

Give foreplay more time

CoupleIt is important to remember that foreplay is for both men and women, and there is no reason to rush. Slow down and enjoy the process. The best ways that help to create the atmosphere of sensuality and sexuality are massage, relaxing music and dimmed light. Spend some time exploring your partner's body, tease each other but do not move on to further steps. It will add some more excitement to your sexual experience.

At last, it is important to say that the best way to sexual nirvana is openness. Talk to your partner about your wishes, tell him or her how you'll get pleasure and reach climax. Don't be shy, don't hesitate to show what turns you on and off. Open and outspoken people are happier with their sexual lives. There is no need to emphasize your partner's mistakes. Show the right way instead. If you feel uneasy talking about such intimate matters out loud, try writing, showing or talking in the dark.