Nowadays questions of excessive weight and obesity are becoming very urgent as the number of overweight people has been growing in high gear recently. People are eager to reduce their weight however they often have no desire or some limitations to go in for sports or keep on diets. That is why many of them choose diet pills as the only possible weight-loss method. Canadian Pharmacy Service will help define what types of diet pills are presented at the market and whether they are as safe as producers try to make us believe.

Today the market of weight-loss drugs offers a great variety of choices for those people who want to lose their weight. A person can choose to take biologically active additives, special medical drugs, Thai or Chinese pills or sport fat-burning pills. Let’s look at them more in detail.

Biologically active additives (BAA)


BAA or food (dietary) supplements (know more) are not usually prescribed by a doctor. As a result, people choose them independently without knowing their real content and side effects. As a rule, food supplements consist of natural extracts of different plants and herbs. Weight-loss effect is achieved by means of purifying the human body rather than reducing the volume of fat and only in combination with proper dietary pattern and sport activity. Thus, in most cases the result of taking such pills is zero or negative. People often complain about their uselessness and high prices as well as unfavourable side effects.

Among BAA one can name Turbo Slim, Xl-S series, Green Coffee, Reduksin Light, Ideal and others. Turbo Slim, the fat-burning pills, are produced in two types: day and night. They contain natural extracts of inulin, L-carnitine, guarana, chrome, senna, fennel and others. Turbo Slim intensifies the process of metabolism during sleep, reduces appetite and purifies the human body. However, while taking Turbo Slim you can face some side effects like inflammatory bowel disease, dysbacteriosis and heaviness in the stomach. XL-S medical pills and XLS Duo Slim Shape also excrete fat out of the human body in most cases. The only advantage of these pills is their natural content, but the harmful effect exceeds it. Green Coffee contains coffee beans treated with chologenic acid and antioxidants. It reduces the blood sugar level, but helps reduce weight only in combination with diet and sport. Reduksin Light is a dietary supplement containing lenoleic acid (don’t confuse it with Reduksin medical drug). Ideal produced in Indonesia contains extracts of exotic herbs and has a purgative effect.

One should also mention the prohibited BAAs that are illegally offered at the market. As a rule, they contain prohibited drugs and substances and are extremely dangerous for the human health.

Special medical drugs

Doctors prescribe special weight-loss drugs in cases when other methods don’t work. The given medical drugs are recommended for people with body mass index of more than 30 kg/sq.m. In some cases doctors prescribe medical drugs for people with BMI of 27 kg/sq.m in combination with cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and abdominal distribution of body fat.

Being combined with diet recommendations and sport activity such medical treatment has quite positive results. Patients lose their weight quickly and don’t gain it again under the condition of conducting healthy lifestyle.

The most popular drugs are sibutramine and orlistat.

Sibutramine affects the central nervous system reducing the appetite and food demand. Sibutramine is included as a compound of many medical weight-loss drugs such as Reduksin, GoldLine, Meridia (discontinued) and Lindaxa (discontinued). However, sibutramine is known to have a lot of side effects such as nausea, dizziness, cardiac acceleration, sleeplessness and weakness. Sibutramine is not prescribed if a patient suffers from heart insufficiency, high blood pressure, glaucoma or ischemic heart disease. Treatment with Reduksin must be conducted only under the doctor’s control and with strict observance of instructions.

Orlistat (market names are Xenical and Orsoten) suppresses fat cells and helps decrease fat absorption. Orlistat is effective only if a patient is keeping on a diet. One of the major advantages of Xenikal is the absence of addiction. Major side effect is an oily loose stool which sometimes cannot be controlled properly. Moreover, Xenical is not effective without low-calorie diet. Orsoten has the same drug action as Xenical does. Side effects of Orsoten involve fatigue, headaches and anxiety.

Thai or Chinese pills


Thai and Chinese pills are considered to have the most harmful effect on the human health. Thai pills and drugs are declared to contain only natural extracts of herbs. However, nobody knows the real content of Thai pills. Some drugs even contain amphetamine that causes addiction and different diseases. Thai pills are prohibited in many countries; however they are still popular despite their high price, bad feedbacks and dangerous impact upon the human health. The effect of weight loss is gained due to their diuretic, purgative and choleretic properties.

Chinese pills are also famous for their side effects such as weakness, allergic reactions, oedemas, papillomas, headaches, sleeplessness and depression. This list of side effects is not complete. Producers of Chinese weight-loss pills insist upon the natural content of their products. Nevertheless recorded side effects prompt suggestions that these pills contain prohibited dangerous substances.

On the other hand among Chinese weight-loss pills there are some products that have gained the popularity among customers owing to their positive influence on human body. Chinese pills with tea extract contain natural extract of Chinese red tea. They help improve metabolism and reduce appetite. They are known to be very effective as they work by means of fat tissue shrinkage rather than diuretic or purgative effect. Chinese pills with tea burn subcutaneous fat and help form a habit for healthy eating. Besides they are safe for the human health.

Sport fat-burning pills


World sport industry cut teeth on the fat burning issues. Recently a lot of sport weight-loss drugs have been introduced at the market. Among the safest and most effective drugs one can mention Carnivit Q10. Experts consider this drug to be effective and worth paying attention to. It contains natural elements and vitamins including coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, L-carnitine and vitamin E. Carnivit helps lose weight and improves metabolism. Moreover, it is declared to improve nail and skin condition as well as reduce cellulitis. The only disadvantage of Carnivit is a necessity to take it for several weeks several times a year as the effect accumulates in human body within quite a long period of time.

There are also a lot of other sport weight-loss drugs that are worth being looked at. As a rule, they contain such fat-burning elements as chromium picolinate famous for its ability to regulate blood glucose level and to improve protein synthesis. Sportive nutrition recommends that sportsmen use chromium picolinate as it reduces appetite without negative impact on the nervous system.

One can’t but mention useful properties of green tea, chitosan, equisetum and moomiyo. Moomiyo in the form of pills contains nearly all the elements needed for the human’s health. Combined with low-calorie nutrition and physical activity it helps maintain good physical shape and reduce appetite.

So, in conclusion we would like to say that there is no diet pills that can help reduce one’s weight without any bad consequences for the human health. Some of them allow reducing weight quickly, but after that you will need to deal with dehydration or lack of nutritive elements in your body. The others contain dangerous elements that cause serious diseases. Some pills should be taken within a long period of time in order to achieve the weight-loss effect. That is quite difficult and yet pricey. Doctors and nutrition experts consider diet pills to be the last chance rather than usual method of reducing weight. At first they will recommend that you live a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and physical activity. Thus, it is up to you whether to take diet pills or not. In any case you should remember that it is necessary to choose the medication by thoroughly checking the information about its content, possible side effects, origin and producer. It is the only way to choose safe and effective diet pills and to keep your health safe.