Do you know that Kamagra users showed amazing results in scientific experiment? Read about Kamagra influence on human body right mow!

What is Kamagra Famous for?

Kamagra belongs to generic types of drugs. The fact is that the components are the same like in one pill of Viagra, but the name is changed. The difference is also in the amount of the ingredients. So, we can say that Kamagra is famous for its influence on men’s health. It treats erectile dysfunction and provokes penis rising. Some men need only 50mg of the magical pill and the others 100mg a day. It is forbidden to take more to avoid the unwished consequences.

The History of Kamagra


At the beginning of the 20th century the scientists were trying to create the medicine that could treat pulmonary hypertension and stenocardia (find more information here). There were patients who agreed to try the effect of the drugs. They were tired of their health condition and decided to change something. Generally, they were about 45 years old (at this age people are inclined to suffer from cardiovascular diseases). The patients started feeling better. The psychologists noticed some peculiar changes in men’s behavior. They were in high mood and whispering about something. First, the patients decided to keep everything in secret to prolong the medication. But “what is done by night appears by day”. It turned out that men’s impotence disappeared in the period of Viagra usage. So to speak, men were finally able to perform sex act and enjoy their intimate life.  As a result, people and even some doctors forgot about the prior aim of the drugs. Nowadays we know a lot about Viagra and its generics (like Kamagra), their positive influence on men’s health and the way they treat erectile dysfunction.

Strange Results Showed by the Sportsmen

Athletic Performance

Scientists like to watch the sportsmen activity. They are interested in the results and the way they were achieved. When a sportsman shows the unusually low or high result, doctors examine their body, mental and psychological activity. Sport is popular all over the world and millions of people like watching it on TV or go in for it on their own. That’s why it is very important to have fair results of the competitions. For example, there is a steroid and doping control before every rivalry. When sport turned to be very profitable, the coaches and the sportsmen decided to use some drugs which could help them win and become the leaders. First, nobody knew about that but then everything was revealed. The World Anti-Doping Agency created a list of substances which are forbidden to be taken in the period of competitions.

Medicine that was not Expected to Improve Athletic Performance

There were cases when people showed better results during the rivalry having not taken the forbidden by the World Anti-Doping Agency substances. The doctors together with coaches could not explain such an excellent result. Then, there was investigation based on Sildenafil impact on humans’ bodies in Stanford. It turned out that the mountaineers showed better results in the period of Kamagra usage. Scientists had finally recollected the real effect of Sildenafil. It improves the work of respiratory system, lungs in particular. There is lack of air in the mountains, so only few humans can reach the top of it without medical help or special trainings. Volunteers, who took part in the experiment, were divided into two groups: those who took Kamagra and those who didn’t. The results were shocking! The Kamagra-group showed better result than Non-Kamagra-Group. It is explained in the following way: when people lacked air, Sildenafil provoked the increasing the level of arterial oxygen saturation and made the cardiovascular system work better. It allowed them to reach the higher altitude.

Kamagra is beating Viagra in most of the parameters, but the latest still maintains the leadership status. More essential facts about generic kamagra here

Kamagra is not included to the list of forbidden substances because of its effect only in the reduced-oxygen environment. The influence of Sildenafil is not well investigated yet. So, who knows what is going to happen in future?!