We value your time and offer convenient monthly programs for loyal customers. The most successful promotion process is based on mutual agreement and direct contact with the clients. That’s a licensed pharmaceutical business offering cheapest pills and high-end branded drugs from the renowned manufacturers.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Monthly Programs

We highly evaluate your cooperation and reward you by giving a possibility to purchase your regular medications even cheaper than it is usually possible. It becomes convenient for patients suffering from chronic health conditions or incurable diseases that need continuous medical therapy and additional support.

We Are a Full-Service Company

We save your time and recommend additional techniques and strategies that will impressively change the way you deal with your healthcare issues. It’s an entirely new kind of care about the patients and their families.

What We Do

  1. Regular, controlled refills. The process is controlled automatically. Our medical staff will keep an eye on the number of medications you get and on the proper supplies. Our careful managers will contact you regularly to make sure you get enough medicines.
  2. Invisible support. We’re ready to get in contact with your physician to know more about your current treatment course and specify whether there have been any changes in it or not.
  3. All services in one. This is what makes monthly programs convenient. Choosing, ordering, payment, tracking, and other operations are carried out via our website protected by the experienced IT specialists.

How It Works

You won’t have to think about the medications anymore if you switch to our monthly programs. We have regular monthly discounts and offer numerous reward programs. You don’t have to stand in lines in hospitals and regular drugstores while waiting for your prescription meds.

The only things you’ll have to provide us with are:

  • The list of the needed meds;
  • Your relevant prescription information or your physician’s contacts;
  • Your insurance information;
  • The preferred method of payment.

After this, you’ll get your regular pack of pills monthly with automatic refills, free delivery, and regular notifications. Every package will come with full instructions on how to take every pill.

Safety Is Our All

Our pharmacists are very accurate in all matters. They know that your treatment course includes a ton of points. We thoroughly study your medical documents before we’re able to provide you with the service. Your drugs will be sorted and signed. You’ll always be aware of the date and time you should take this or that pill.

Privacy Is Our Legacy

Besides, we know that privacy protection is essential. Your monthly pack of pills will never be designed the way to reveal its contents. We don’t want to provoke unwanted attention towards your misfortune. If you don’t want to disturb your family trying to conceal that you’re under a treatment course, we will do everything to keep it private.

Monthly prescription programs can become your greatest life hack towards better health, self-contained wellness control, and sufficient guidance and supervision carried out by the best specialists in this area.