Not only your skin, teeth or hair need proper care day by day. Buying medications for various health issues we usually forget about our eyes that are in a regular contact with air, thus they are in contact with all types of bacteria that it has.


Eye care products available on the market serve various purposes, yet they all give fast results and ensure great protection. Among a variety of drops that you can buy, Canadian Pharmacy Mall offers the most effective ones, including:

  • Zaditor;
  • Lumigan;
  • Patanol;
  • Betagan;
  • Combigan;
  • Xalatan;
  • Acular;
  • Ophthacare;
  • Travoprost;
  • Flurbiprofen, etc.

When you choose one of these medications, you get a chance to make a great deal daily and save a lot. We take care for our clients, thus we offer the best in the sphere.

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What Are the Common Uses of Eye Drops?

Today there are different types of eye drops offered. Each one serves a different purpose. Finding the one you need is never an issue, yet you need to know more about each category to be able to say the drops you buy are just what you need.

  • For dry eyes

They are also called artificial tears or lubricating drops. This type is commonly used to provide a temporary relief for dry eyes. They are typically used in cases of tiredness, computer eye strain or when you are outdoors in sunny/windy conditions.

Such drops are known for adding tear elements that are present in the eye, thus they supplement natural tears, making eyes more moist or comfortable.

  • For itching

Allergy eye drops or antihistamine ones reduce histamine in the tissues. They fight such allergy symptoms like redness, swollen eyes, itchiness and wateriness. However, when itching becomes pretty severe and no drops can cure it, it is recommended to see a doctor for oral medications.

  • For redness

There are several other names that you can come across: whitening drops or decongestant ones. They contain vasoconstrictors known for eliminating redness and shrinking the tiny blood vessels. It is true that these drops are very effective, but they can lead to issues when they are used for masking potentially serious conditions.

When eyes are red from allergies, such drops help in washing out various allergens.

  • For swelling/soreness/discharge

It is highly recommended to determine the underlying cause of the issue before using any drops. The condition occurs when you are tired. But when symptoms are hard to stand, professional examination is required. Drops do provide relief for irritation from crying and stress as well as for eye discharge that is related to allergy. They can cope with swelling that was triggered by allergies and inflammation.

  • For contact lenses

They are called rewetting drops and they were formulated for contact lenses only. The drops like these are used for providing relief from discomfort or dryness associated with the use of contact lenses. FYI, most other drops aren’t allowed to be used for contact lens wearers. Before applying any of them, the lenses must be removed.

How to Use Canadian Health and Care Mall Eye Drops?

The process doesn’t take much time and is usually regarded as an easy one. Nevertheless, most users neglect simple recommendations and rules. And this is mainly why the use of drops brings minor effects. Here are a few steps that must be included into the procedure to make it more beneficial for a patient:

  1. wash your hands with soap before using any drops;Eyedrop
  2. stand in front of a mirror and take off the top of the bottle with the liquid;
  3. bend head backwards and pull the lower eyelid down. It must be done very gently as the eyelid is very thing and soft;
  4. take a dropper and hold it right above your eye;
  5. squeeze a single drop and let go the eyelid.

After doing that don’t touch your eye, eyelids and eyelashes to keep the area clean. Wait a little bit and repeat the procedure with your other eye. The effects are experienced only if the drops are used in the same way and in the same time of the day.

Do Eye Drops Cause Any Problems?

It is a proven fact that most non-prescription eye drops are very helpful. They help in relieving symptoms of allergies and discomfort. However, there are drops that cause redness and rebound swelling. And this, in the end, triggers chronic eye redness. In time the condition gets worse and professional help is required.

As to the artificial tears, one cannot become overly dependent on them. They are known for containing no medications, but only moisturizing substances. Even when they are regularly used, they are always safe.

Be careful when using drops with benzalkonium chloride preservative: they lead to the occurrence of hypersensitivity. Their purchase and use must be discussed with a specialist. If frequently used, they may lead to benefits, too, especially, in cases of glaucoma.

Choosing the Best Eye Drops: How, When, Why?

Eye drops bottlesMany things must be considered while you are making your choice at Canadian Health&Care Mall Make sure you don’t suffer from any allergies: when redness is persistent and lasts for more than three days, it’s the allergy that must be treated with medications, not drops.

When your eyes need more lubrication, you can choose popular over-the-counter drops, yet we insist on having a professional consultation on their administration. When eyes are constantly irritated, dry and tired, you will need special gels and ointments as drops are usually ineffective.

Be very cautions, when choosing drops for a daily use. Some of them lead to blurred vision when used regularly. Use them before going to bed and after waking up to feel refreshed. The safest drops to be bought over the counter are artificial tears. These drops have no chemicals that lead to blood vessels dilation or constriction.

Before you buy any drops, ask your doctor:

  • What is the cause of your condition?
  • What drops, over-the-counter or prescription, are the most appropriate?
  • When are the first effects expected and what adverse reactions may occur?
  • Which drops bring benefits to contact lenses wearers?
  • Is there more than one option to pick from?

Remember that your eye problems aren’t something you can dare to play with. Though the market has many eye drop options, far not all of them are suitable for you. Only a professional can help in making the right choice. From its part, Canadian Health and Care Mall will provide the best deals and discounts daily!